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20 September 2015

Where’s the cheese Gromit?

Work is going great on the new dairy. Tom and the gang have been living every child’s dream – smashing through walls with a sledgehammer! The […]
18 September 2015


We are Tom and Clare Noblet, we have four children – Beth 6, Lucy 4, Jessica 2 and Thomas born in June 2015. We farm in […]
17 September 2015

Our journey so far

We had always had the ambition to farm in our own right, but were finding it almost impossible to get the start we needed. In 2010, […]
16 September 2015

Keeping busy!

Our cows calve all year round, but August is our busiest month. Cows are ‘dried off’ before they are due to calve, that is we stop […]
7 September 2015

Walk the limestone pavement

Farleton Fell showcases spectacular glacier-scarred territory, with great expanses of limestone pavement on show. The deep grikes, made by the force of water running through the […]