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20 September 2015
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19 November 2015
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The Dairy Progress!

From a concrete shell and a plywood platform we now have our fully functioning dairy! We have installed all the plumbing and electrics and a pipe has been joined into the milking circuit that will allow us to fill the vat straight from the cows. We have sourced all our equipment, the main items being our vat and press.

We’ve used insulated panels to create the walls and ceilings and to build our cold store area, and Tom and Simon have hand-made beech wood shelves for the maturing room.

Our two environmental health officers came at the beginning of October and were happy with all our work … we still have many forms to fill in and then will get our official approval number. We are working with environmental health to test the batches of cheeses as we make them to ensure they meet the required criteria – this also ensures that our processes when we make the cheese are correct.

Whin Yeats Dairy
Whin Yeats Dairy
Cumbria Farm-Made Cheese using unpasteurised milk from our own herd of pedigree Holstein Friesian cows.

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