Our Milk.

Wholesome milk from happy cows!

Our cows are all home-bred and known by name… some of our cow families have been at Whin Yeats for 25 years!

Why our milk is amazing...


It's fresh

It’s fresh, from cows milked that morning! It’s cooled, bottled, with no long distance transport or storage – so a low carbon footprint too!

It’s not pasteurised!

Pasteurisation kills all bacteria, good and bad – our bodies need good bacteria! It’s also thought that the dead bacteria in shop bought pasteurised milk releases histamine as they decompose, leading to increased incidence of eczema, allergies and asthma.

It still has its natural enzymes...

...including Lactase – ready made and present in unpasteurised milk to help the body break down Lactose… it’s possible pasteurisation contributes to Lactose Intolerance in some people.

It’s not homogenised!

Supermarket milk is – all the fat particles are smashed to pieces, and there are questions over whether the body can digest these properly or whether they just pass straight through the bloodstream.

It's good cholesterol!

Cholesterol in milk is in its natural state. The body is able to use it to moderate damage caused by bad cholesterol and toxins, and for many other functions.

It's clean

We have very strict milking procedures – our milk is exceptionally clean and tested to ensure this. We are part of the NUF Farm Assurance Programme – promoting excellence in farming.

Happy cows!

Our cows are healthy and well looked after – happy cows – great milk!
    Jane KholoudJacqui TaylorMargaret James-BarberSharron Bradley-ThomasRuth Power
  • Just started on my first bottle of your lovely creamy milk & it is DELICIOUS. I'd forgotten how good milk could taste
    Jane Kholoud
  • We had half a pig delivered last week from yourselves and it is delicious! We had a joint for Sunday lunch which was really tasty, the sausages are yummy and my dad says the pork chops are the best he's had in years! Thanks so much, we will be ordering again.
    Jacqui Taylor
  • This cheese is the best, and if The Courtyard Dairy in Settle is interested, it must be good. The milk it is made from is the best I have tasted in the area, and was so impressed at the way the cows are loved and treated.
    Margaret James-Barber
  • We purchased some milk and cheese from the stall at the food festival.... Both taste great!
    Sharron Bradley-Thomas
  • The latest versions of the cheeses are delicious. Just having a creamy glass of milk! Really recommend your fantastic produce!
    Ruth Power